Blue Ribbon Classics doesn’t just make ice cream. They make days better. Moods brighter. Traditions stronger. Occasions more fun.

Blue Ribbon Classics

When a national ice cream product with over 20 million in sales decides to come out of the shadow of the parent company (Wells & Blue Bunny Ice Cream) and start to reach retailers and consumers with their own family-friendly brand, they face a big challenge; fortunately there are advantages as well. A great brand story from Soul Sight, excellent packaging from the Wells team, and the parent company legacy of quality ice cream brands including Blue Bunny, Bomb Pop and Blue Ribbon Classics. In working with the experienced team at Wells, from brand managers, digital directors, and experts from coupons to web sites, they provided a big head start and constant support as well.

Social Content

With Blue Ribbon Classics ice cream there’s no need to overthink good times. Through video, photography and animation we created real moments of uncomplicated joy for their social audiences.


A lot of hard work and planning went in to this campaign. We worked to position BRC firmly within the national ice- cream market. It began with digital marketing and paid media campaigns, followed by a soft launch of digital channels and initial content production. Once we had the nitty-gritty done, through our on-site BNM studio facilities, we created sales videos and internal communications with BRC who we worked closely with throughout, before finally launching the BRC brand on all social channels and began the start of digital marketing activities.

BRC now has a range of social media channels, like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, all of which are managed by BNM; products, recipes and videos are just a few of the things you can find on there. Additionally, BNM also launches campaigns such as email marketing, digital coupons and content creative. Through Google Ads and Analytics, we are also able to target and track the progress of the company through paid media, ensuring BRC goes in a positive direction moving forwards.


With our very own creative studios on-site, it gave us flexibility to add our own creative touch to make original creative and content. It was more cost-effective through the in-house innovative photography and video production.

We also worked with the world class TPK studios, who we have built a great partnership with, to do some incredible summer campaign photo and video shoots for BRC, like the packaging and product shoot.