We’re in this together.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Now more than ever, we’re thinking about our values—what we stand for. Sometimes our values have helped us to navigate our place in the movement. Other times those values have instructed us that sometimes it’s okay to simply spend an hour scrolling through memes, knowing that tomorrow is another day. Here’s hoping that your values are helping you to find levity amidst difficulty and peace amidst uncertainty. Here’s what we’ve been up to over the last month— all based on our five core values: Be Brave, Do What’s Right, Make a Difference, Build Relationships, and Have Fun.

Be Brave

There’s bravery in being a small business owner. With local businesses recirculating 3x the amount of revenue within a community than a national retailer or online store, supporting small businesses is a direct way to keep money local, create jobs, and contribute directly to creating a healthier community. Metro IBA is a professional networking group of independent business owners who are working to keep the local Twin Cities economy strong and vibrant. Recently, Brave New Media assisted Metro IBA with a website redesign and relaunch that included both design, development and content strategy. Offering small business owners the opportunity to broaden their networks, strengthen their communities and learn new skills, the Metro IBA website provides members and their teams with essential resources and information.
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Do What’s Right

This month, hundreds of businesses stood in solidarity with members of the NAACP, the Color of Change, and the Anti-Defamation League to demand that Facebook crack down on expunging all forms of hate on its platform. Brave New Media joined a cohort of more than 400 brands—including Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, Levi’s, and Best Buy— in a commitment to pause all paid ad spending across Facebook and Instagram through July. Until Facebook’s leadership team can offer a compelling and comprehensive solution to the problem of unconstrained hate speech, anti-Semitism, and white supremacist rhetoric on their platform, Brave New Media will be pausing all paid forms of digital advertising on the platforms indefinitely. Instead, we’ll be utilizing the power of organic social and other targeted strategies to build engagement online.
Learn more: #StopHateForProfit

Build Relationships

Dogs Dig Walking may be a newer client of ours, but our relationship with Business Owner Jenny Louismet first began years ago. Friend and dog walker extraordinaire to BNM Account Manager Katie Weigelt, we’ve been fans of Jenny and her affinity for our furry friends for some time. This last quarter, Mrs. Louismet took the time spent in quarantine to hunker down at home to work on her brand and digital marketing pawprint. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.) Brave New Media worked with Mrs. Louismet to bring the Dogs Dig Walking website from a hosted platform to something completely custom. From the design, content and development, the new site reflects the friendliness, professionalism and generous spirit Mrs. Louismet and her Dogs Dig Walking pet-sitting and dog walking business is known for.
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Have Fun

The Brave New Media team recently gathered for their first (socially-distanced!) in-person agency happy hour since the stay-at-home-orders started. Last Thursday, our fellow brave hearts saw each other for the first time outside of a Zoom room, and we have to say—it was glorious. The LA team gathered in a flower and orange tree filled backyard oasis while the majority of the MPLS team safely convened around the headquarters conference table. Lots of laughter, BYOB summer beverages, and fun masks made the get-together a welcome reminder that someday soon, this too shall pass.

Make a Difference

The biggest difference we can make is sometimes in the smallest of gestures. Enter the humble mask. Wearing this simple face covering is one of the simplest, easiest and most direct ways of making a difference in the world that we have right now. For your community, for your family and for yourself—#MasksOn.

Be brave, go forth and be well,
the Brave New Media Team