Fall for what’s positive

Hello Fellow Brave Souls,

As the leaves of Minnesota trees begin to turn yellow and red, our counterparts in Los Angeles are facing yellow skies and smokey air. Now more than ever, it is important to seek out the positives in our world, and praise the people and organizations willing to change the world for the better. We look to a brighter future, with the Earth, human understanding and teamwork at the front lines of the battle.

Be Brave

Osanyin Fresh uses its connectivity to bridge the gap between food growers/distributors and key grocery chains across the United States. A food distribution service, encouraging food justice, fair trade as sustainable agriculture faces massive challenges against the wide and resource heavy food distribution industry. Osanyin’s model of business – going all in on food consultancy – and their newly faced challenge of linking food from the West Coast to the rest of the world, embody a Brave message.

The farmers and workers on the West Coast whose lands and livelihoods are being destroyed by the fires are in need of support by organizations like Osanyin Fresh. It is Brave to lead an industry that is on the forefront of solving the issues of tomorrow such as climate change and food disparity.

Osanyin Fresh’s services include:

  • Sales Team Optimization (analysis, feedback and implementation)
  • Innovative Category Solutions
  • Strategic Sales plan development, launch and execution
  • Account diversification
  • Inexpensive Extension of your Sales and Marketing Team
  • Brand and Grower Advocacy
  • National Scope
  • Assist in delivering Sales Performance and Revenue Results for Grower Partners
  • Flexible Engagement Model
  • New territory expansion / Set up of customer base based on market research, Cold Calling / Program Development, etc

Osanyin’s sister brand, Osanyin Cannabis Consulting, is tackling another Brave sphere of the farming industry – the sale and production of Cannabis. The aim of this arm of the business is to support entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking to explore the Cannabis industry, while also attempting to bridge the knowledge gap on Cannabis use.

Brave New Media is proud to support both Osanyin websites and their development. We know that their Brave mission will support the future of bringing knowledge and technology together to create a better world.

Do What’s Right

While there are many people throughout our communities volunteering and Doing What’s Right, some seriously needed good news arose when a Midwest local and crochet legend, Jonah Larson, was chosen as a correspondent on the newly aired Drew Barrymore Show.

Jonah started crocheting from a young age, and quickly became a prodigy, making large professionally made afghans, hats, and more. The young professional from Eau Claire, Wisconsin is getting his chance to shine. In a time so surrounded by chaos, the Drew Barrymore Show is highlighting unscripted interviews, the realities of making a show during a pandemic and will bring her positive energy, and real-life is messy vibe to every episode.

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Have Fun

With a continued sense of hope, the Brave New Media Culture Committee is finding new ways to make self-care and mental health a priority. Each Brave New Media employee was sent a small wellness package containing a sage smudge stick, State Fair button, chocolate chip cookie recipe, and a self-care guide with tips on how to put yourself first. We know that it is just one small gift, but it takes constant reminders to make sure that each person’s mental health is thought of and cared for.

We hope everyone is continuing to seek out positive news, cookie recipes, and ways to keep your body, mind and being at ease.

Stay safe & healthy,
the Brave New Media Team