Drive-in movies, drive-thru parades and distance learning

Hello Friends,

As we look to the end of summer and the start of fall, we’re continuing to adjust. We’re making the conscious decision to approach what is ahead with informed hopefulness. Not to be confused with blind naiveté, informed hopefulness allows us to become energized with the task of creating tomorrow’s solutions, rather than overwhelmed by today’s challenges. Here’s a handful of events, happenings and trends that have captured our attention and sparked further conversation.

Do What’s Right

In recent weeks,  MN LegalCORPS— a non-profit organization that serves small businesses and non-profits—has been providing free legal assistance in matters of business litigation. An astounding number of attorneys have responded to the LegalCORPS earlier request for community assistance.

“We have been overwhelmed by the number of attorneys who have reached out to offer whatever help they can,” said Sally Nankivell, LegalCORPS Executive Director. “Minnesota has a strong pro bono ethic, and that has been true for decades. We were counting on our volunteers to step up to meet the need, and we have not been disappointed.”


  • The MN LegalCORPS intake line is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.
  • Those in need can call 612-752-6687 to request up to 30 minutes of free consultation time with a volunteer attorney, in the language that is most convenient for them.
  • Further pro bono representation assistance can be requested, with selection based on project scope and income level.

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Be Brave

As back-to-school season starts for educators and families across the country, the decision of in-person, hybrid or distanced learning has been a critical issue for everyone to contend with. It’s never been more clear that clever, compassionate and comprehensive solutions are needed to solve today’s gaps in both education and childcare. Here are some links and resources that have been helpful for us during this time.

Build Relationships

Our West Coast team is working to bring virtual live event production to a new level. Partnering with Web Connected, a video conferencing platform, Brave New Media is imagining new ways to integrate video communications into websites and landing pages. From press events, conferences, panels and new program launches we’re excited to continue developing this new capability and to eventually bring it to the people. Watch this space for more details.

Make a Difference

The responsibility of creating more inclusive content falls on all of us. And having equity-based models of representation in our work becomes even more important in the era of the algorithm. YouTube released their equity guidelines for content creators, but the list of considerations applies to everyone who works in marketing. Check out the infographic here from YouTube’s new Creator Academy course: ‘Creating Inclusive Content.’

Have Fun

From RVing and roadside motels; to drive-in movies and drive-thru parades— we’re finding new ways to celebrate the end of summer and the slow slide into Labor Day. With the MN State Fair canceled for the first time in over 70 years, roughly 20k ticketholders will be lining up their vehicles for the ‘Minnesota Food Parade.’ Members of our L.A. team have taken to seeing drive-in movies at the Rose Bowl, going on long drives, or holing up at home in the backyard, patio-style.

However you seek to commemorate this season: be safe, be brave and keep being kind,
the Brave New Media Team