Being Brave with Kindness and Calm

Dear Friends,

We hope this email finds you well in both body and spirit. It may have been a moment since we last connected, so we’re excited to launch this periodic newsletter at a time when we’re all looking to stay in-touch while staying far apart.
Our values have always dictated how we do things.
Be brave. Make a difference. Do what’s right. Build relationships. Have fun.
Collectively, this moment is requiring a brand of bravery that feels new. With something this big, there are countless ways to be courageous. In addition to selfless acts of service, we can focus on preparing a calm and compassionate heart. In the midst of this storm, we can be a port for those in need.

Make a Difference

In the world we all share, let’s never forget that everything we touch is an opportunity to make an impact. And local brands like Epimonia are stepping up to show us how it’s done. When founder Mohamed Malim reached out in need of a digital marketing plan, we knew we wanted to help out, pro-bono! We find their flagship product, the Embracelet particularly moving. Made from recycled life jackets worn by refugees as they fled across the Mediterranean to Greece, they are a powerful reminder of the resiliency of the refugee community. The word for perseverance in Greek, Epimonia is tenaciously donating 100% of proceeds from all goods sold to relief efforts for refugees as part of their ‘Humanity-19’ campaign.
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Do What’s Right

We never thought that ‘do what’s right’ could look like ordering DoorDash four times a week, but we’re up for the task. The restaurants that sustain us throughout the year now need our help. With the explosion of mobile app delivery and food subscription services, there’s still ways for us to spend money at our favorite places while social distancing. Minneapolis residents can support Eat Street restaurants and grocery stores. Doesn’t a Glamdoll doughnut or Pho from the Quang deli sound good right about now? LA’s Highland Park citizens can continue to patronize places like Go Get ‘Em Tiger, Chops Butcher Shoppe and Triple Beam by ordering delivery. And Porto’s Bakery continues to serve their famous Potato Balls via both delivery and bake-at-home.

Build Relationships

We’re thankful for our West Coast relationships that are allowing us to develop continuity plans for studio content. When it comes to upholding social distancing measures to keep our communities safe, we’ll do whatever it takes. Recently, we’ve partnered with MGM-owned pay cable network EPIX to launch their first Emmy FYC (For Your Consideration) screening for their new show Belgravia. With social distancing measures to be a likely theme throughout 2020, EPIX is already exploring more digital screening and virtual live-streamed options in place of traditional FYC award season events.
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Have Fun

We’ve always prioritized the importance of play. In these times, we think having fun looks a lot like finding positive sources of diversion. We all deserve the ability to lay our burdens down long enough to enjoy something we love. Whether you’re binging Tiger King on Netflix or tending to your Animal Crossing island on Nintendo Switch, we hope that in these times you’re still finding creative ways to get through the days. While in-person hangouts are on hiatus, we’re still finding fun in gathering the Brave New Media crew for weekly happy hours and impromptu celebrations, where we challenge each other to find the best virtual Zoom backgrounds.

Reach Out

We’d love to hear how you’re holding up and hanging in there, or if there’s a way that we can help. Just hit ‘reply’ to this email to send us a note. We’d love to hear from you. Especially now.

Be brave, go forth and be well,
the Brave New Media Team