We Are Our Values

For us, Bravely Done isn’t just a slogan - it's at the center of how we operate. Bravely Done consists of five key values:

  • Be Brave

    Being Brave is what makes us who we are. The courage to find the new way to do it. To let our passion show. To go beyond borders and expectations. If you have the courage to tell your story, we’ll find a brave way to do it.

  • Do What's Right

    This is our North Star. We strive to do what’s right for our community, our environment, the needs of our clients, the greater good of our ever-changing world. It’s at the heart of being Brave.

  • Make a Difference

    We never forget that everything we touch is an opportunity to make an impact. On your business. In your customers’ lives. In the world we share. We’re idealists and we’re passionate about our craft. You’ll like what that does for the work.

  • Build Relationships

    The best work comes from the strongest bonds. It’s true of the collaborations we enjoy with clients, with our vendors, and across our production teams. We prize the relationships we’ve built. They’re our strongest creative asset.

  • Have Fun

    Ours is not an easy craft, so we understand the importance of balancing hard work with fun. That way, our people can put their full passion into your job. We have found one thing to always be true: the more fun we have making a project, the more fun it will be to experience.

Being Brave for 20 Years

Started in 1998, Brave New Media is a digital marketing company offering in-house creative, web, video and audio services in Minneapolis and LA. We are a team of creative professionals passionate about partnering with good people and organizations to provide exceptional custom solutions. In 2013 Brave New Media purchased and moved into our home at 2110 Nicollet Avenue South. In addition with this location in Minneapolis BNM has an office in LA that handles live events.