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Founded in 1998, Brave New Media is a content development and new media agency. We believe that relationships and responsiveness are at the core of producing quality content that brings home results for our clientele.



Brave New Media Stagasus orange


Started in 1998, Brave New Media is a content
development and new media agency. We believe that relationships are the foundation of good work. With 16 years of experience with design, content, and technology, Brave New Media builds relationships that last based on transparency and performance.


Based in Minneapolis with operations in Cyprus and Los Angeles, we work and think beyond borders – from our philanthropic efforts with non-profit organizations, to small businesses and large-scale, global corporations.


We are brave and our business has grown over the years by looking for fresh, new, cost effective, and more efficient ways to do business. Our goals are to stay on the cutting edge of our industry, focus on the needs of our clients, and stay humble and confident in an ever changing world.


For 16 years we’ve experienced steady growth through the pursuit of fresh, new, and cost effective business, content and technology solutions. Our goal-oriented  company strives to stay on the cutting edge of our industry, focused on our clients’ needs, and confident but humble in an ever-changing world.


Telling stories is at the heart of what we do. We produce and distribute content for the right audience in the right context. Telling stories can be done in many ways, and we like them all.


A tool to influence culture, design is the visualization of the solution.

Utilizing creativity and purpose, insight and passion, design communicates pure storytelling, embodies the message, and sparks conversation.

The catalyst for great content in an ever-evolving online climate is technology.

Novel and dynamic technological capabilities strengthen relevance, provide new solutions, and allow leadership by example.

Successful social media places strong campaigns in the appropriate contexts.

Effective online communication incorporates focused strategy to promote authentic conversation, engagement, and shared meaning to audiences.

Production is at the core of what we do at Brave New Media.

Video goes beyond format, media and distribution. Video is about telling the right story and communicating a message that resonates with the desired audience.

Inspired event production creates a showcase for varied talents.

From red carpet to publicity events, attention to detail and a 10,000 foot vantage point provide a unique and holistic element to the creation of memorable experiences.


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