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Fox Teen Choice 2017 in VR

A first-of-its-kind experience.

Craig Robinson and a host

The red carpet is one of the most exciting parts of any award show.

Celebrities from all walks of media line up dressed up to the nines, answering questions from hosts with a touch of class. The Teen Choice Awards takes it to another level, making sure the questions are fun, keeping the guests on their toes with silly games, and making the carpet blue to let it stand out from the pack. This year, FOX’s Teen Choice pre-show changed the game by broadcasting in YouTube 180 VR. Here’s how a Minnesota agency was part of this historic broadcast!

Brave New Media Fox Teen Choice Awards Team

The Crew

Google VR Camera

The Google 180 Camera

Damian with Fox Talent

FOX Star Jack Stanton working with BNM Director Damian

A week before the broadcast, we all learned that there would be a new twist to the 2017 broadcast: Google VR!

Since 2015, virtual reality has built its online presence, with VR video becoming a popular way to experience experiences from sporting events to concerts and even tourist experiences. Recently, Google introduced a new video format called VR180, which focuses on high resolution for both mobile and desktop viewing. As the platform is still fresh to the market, Google is looking to showcase virtual reality in new ways. The Teen Choice Awards Blue Carpet always tries to stay on the cutting edge to line up with their young audience. Realistically, it was a perfect fit between VR and Teen Choice!

With the VR filming being such a new format, everyone on-set had to stay flexible and quick-thinking to accommodate. We wrote the main script for the show, which included an opening exchange between the two hosts, pre-recorded segments for TV stars and our hosts, and the overall flow of the hour-long live broadcast. One of the segments was a written monologue for eight-year-old star of the The Mick, Jack Stanton. Pitting him as the “resident teen correspondent,” we worked with FOX’s team to come up with a concept that would help him stand out from the usual interviews while still tapping into the exciting presentation of the VR format.

Celebrity Talent

Once the stars began to arrive, the live-streaming show kicked off. It was a fast-paced 54 minute broadcast, requiring a great deal of quick decision-making, flexibility, and time sensitive creative output. The broadcast was a massive success, with over 250,000 live viewers and 98% of YouTubers giving a ‘thumbs up’ rating. Brave New Media was able to show their poise under pressure to delivery a quality broadcast. We were thrilled to team up with FOX to produce this historic broadcast. So buy a set of VR glasses, head to YouTube, and check out some work from FOX and Brave New Media!

Celebrity Talent with Marshmallow Man

If you’re on a mobile device and have a VR headset, you must watch in VR to experience Fox Teen Choice 2017 for yourself.