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Job Opening: Director of Technology/Lead Web Developer

Job Description:

You have two primary roles as the technology director and lead web developer: to be an advocate for the web department with the business side of web operations, and to provide technical guidance across online channels to all departments. As an advocate, you should be helping to communicate requirements to the web team and account managers, and helping take responsibility for budget and client expectations on development projects. This will require pushing back when the business side (management, account managers, or clients) makes unrealistic requests or demands with technology, development time, or budget.

As technical mentor, you need to help all team members make good decisions, assist them with any technical problems they have, and direct them to proper solutions. You should be encouraging them to improve their skills and be an absolute stickler for following proper development standards. Most importantly, you need to be an impeccable role model. Your code should be of the highest standard, your projects should be delivered on time, and be of the highest quality. What you do is going to be far more important than what you say.

You also need to be proactive with technical issues by not waiting for your team to come to you with problems. Be aware of what they’re working on, and go to them if they’re taking too long, if they’re working on something tricky or outside their core skill set, or if they look frustrated. Listen when people on your team start discussing technical problems and if you feel like the team is starting to drift away from a decent solution, step in and guide the discussion to an effective solution.

Based on those strategies, we typically design and build public-facing websites, intranets, and portals. Often, we configure and customize a content management system (CMS) to meet our client’s needs. We are somewhat neutral when it comes to CMS—we most commonly work with WordPress and Drupal. We also work on technology outside of CMS, such as Facebook applications and development kits.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Collaborates effectively with creative team and web designers during the creative process.
  • Provides technical leadership on all development projects.
  • Ensure that technical solutions are properly architected and specified. Review all code for quality assurance purposes. Guide all technology research, investments and decisions.
  • Manage all freelance and partner web developers and any other technology partners on projects.
  • Responsible for various aspects of ongoing support and maintenance engagements.
  • Partners with Project Managers and other web developers to successfully manage client relationships.

Client Management Responsibilities:

  • Understands each client’s organizational goals and objectives.
  • Develops lasting relationships with client personnel that foster client ties.
  • Seeks opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and deepen client relationships.
  • Delivers training to client personnel of various skill levels and technical capabilities.

Technical Responsibilities:

  • Turn design and user interface mockups into functional websites powered by CMS.
  • In a hands-on fashion, ensure all technology solutions are properly architected and specified.
  • Ensure HTML/CSS is cross-browser and standards compliant and meets accessibility/disability requirements.
  • Integrate websites with existing applications on campus or third-party/open-source platforms and stays on top of technology trends in WordPress and Drupal.
  • Lead the team with continued skill development and mentorship across programming languages (HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript) and e-commerce technology.

Communication Responsibilities:

  • Deliver engaging, informative, and well-organized presentations.
  • Resolve and/or escalate issues in a timely fashion.
  • Understand how to tactfully communicate difficult/sensitive information.
  • Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills.
  • Elicit cooperation from a variety of sources including management and client team members.
  • Comfortable using teleconferencing and web-based technology to communicate with our clients.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Help team members progress toward their professional development goals.
  • Define and disseminate technology best practices.
  • Ensure we are proactive in our pursuit of new solutions and innovation within our technology practice.
  • Advance the firm’s thought leadership, specifically around web technologies, via the company blog, social media outlets and industry events and conferences.


  • Education: 2 or 4 year degree required.
  • Experience: 6+ years professional experience preferred
  • Fluent in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and Mac OS.
  • Ability to be nimble and effective in handling multiple fast paced projects.
  • Be able to quickly learn and adapt to meet challenges.

Salary Range: 65 – 80K/negotiable + Excellent Benefits
Start Date: May 2017

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