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Making of a Soothsayer

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In 2014, Brave New Media was offered a rare opportunity. MOM Brands, makers of Malt-O-Meal® cereals, wanted to create their first commercial in eight years. When they reached out to Brave New Media to take on this challenge, we were thrilled.

MOM Brands had positioned itself as a challenger brand, going toe-to-toe with the other cereal giants. Its historic “Good Stuff, Maynard commercials put Malt-O-Meal on the map as a fun, light-hearted brand. We wanted to embrace the brand’s challenger character while keeping in mind the tone of the past.

Brave New Media collaborated with the creative team at Fellow, and the Soothsayer concept was born. Quirky, spontaneous, and fun – the “Making of the Soothsayer” commercial was a perfect fit for the final product.

Soothsayer Shots

Director Matt Fife flew in to help on the overnight shoot in a Chaska supermarket with the Brave New Media team. It was cold – “polar vortex in a Minnesota winter” cold – but this local production team wasn’t about to make excuses. Everyone rolled up their sleeves and set the scene by creating a wall-to-wall cereal set for the shoot. Our crew worked through the night to create a final product that fit the Malt-O-Meal bill.

Our team cut through the clutter and approached the project with a unique perspective, dedication to the process, and true collaboration. This one-of-a-kind opportunity allowed our team to connect with the brand’s quirk and differentiate ourselves with humor. The final result was a commercial that spoke to the unique brand tone, both in concept and execution. The Soothsayer was a success.

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