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Sunnyside Gardens is a charming garden store and nursery tucked away on 44th and France in Edina. A popular summer store that caters to neighborhood needs with unrivaled selection and a unique atmosphere that speaks volumes to the creative character of the business. Brave New Media has been assisting with web, photography, video and social media for 5 years. In the summer of 2015 the BNM team took over the summer social activities and embarked on a fun summer social campaign using frequent and fresh photography, fun and relevant content, and promoted social media posts and ads to increase the reach of the campaign.

With a blog, social media, and photography campaign rooted directly in their marketing events and seasonal calendar, the fun, lighthearted voice of Sunnyside garden has been singing through summer. The first 9 weeks of the 14 week campaign have included three photo shoots, five blog posts, and custom posts and cross promotion across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, and Foursquare. In addition to general page maintenance and best practice channel updates, utilization of keyword targeted paid promoted posts, audience behavioral and geotargeted Facebook ads, and Foursquare deals have been incorporated. Cross promotion and connectivity between social channels from Youtube cover links to Facebook App pages have been added for additional reach and engagement.

Everything’s coming up roses. The overall reach and impact has surpassed previous online marketing activities for Sunnyside Gardens. Brave New Media is looking forward to the rest of the campaign and continuing our collaboration and partnership with the wonderful people that make Sunnyside, Sunnyside.

Expanded audiences and engagement across all channels
Maintained an average reach of 1,500 geo & keyword targeted views per day, making sales conversions more likely through reaching prospective buyers
Tripled page engagement on Facebook

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